PLANet B - e-juniors

PLANet B – WebQuest challenges for young people to develop their knowledge about climate change

2020 -2022

Erasmus+ KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth



·         Association E-Juniors – France (coordinator)

·         The Rural Hub CLG – Ireland

·         Quarter Mediation – Netherlands

·         Rightchallenge – Associação – Portugal

·         Centre for advancementofresearchand development in educational technology LTD– CARDET – Cyprus

The current changes in the planet’s climate are transforming the world. The last two decades included 18 of the warmest years on record. Extreme weather events, such as forest fires, heat waves and floods are becoming more frequent both in Europe and elsewhere.

Partners believe that using a challenge based learning approach is both appropriate and essential if today’s digital natives are to think critically about the climate change issue. For today’s young digital natives the internet is the most natural place to take action. It’s where they already are, socializing with their peers and exploring their identities. With the right knowledge they can play a considerable role in spreading the correct climate action message.The partners of this project have chosen a challenge-based learning approach that uses Digital Breakouts to build knowledge and understanding of climate change.

The objectives of the project are:

·         To build the capacity of front-line youth workers to use bespoke challenge-based learning approaches – Digital Breakouts – in their everyday activities and to build their capacity to develop their own Digital Breakout challenge based learning resources;

·         To provide a comprehensive range of climate-change focused Digital Breakouts to inspire young people to find meaningful solutions.

The project will achieve results in a variety of different ways as follows:

·         An in-service training program for front-line youth professionals working in formal, informal and non-formal youth work settings to enable them integrate the new resources into their everyday activities. In-service training will place a significant emphasis on challenge-based education; team based learning and the use of online resources. A key element of the in-service training will be enabling frontline youth workers to deliver the PLANet B climate change education program and develop their own Digital Breakout.

·         A bespoke compendium of Digital Breakout resources will be scripted, designed and developed. These resources will use an embedded learning approach to build research and critical thinking skills of young people.

·         Each partner will develop 6 unique Digital Breakouts that specifically address local climate change priorities. All resources will be designed for use on smart-phones which are the most popular technology platforms among the target group.

·         A PLANet B MOOC where all Digital Breakouts can be accessed. The MOOC will provide access to a wide range of educational resources, videos and information to support those completing the Digital Breakouts developed.

·         Partners will establish a Facebook page for the project and all the different initial and eventual target groups.

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Multiplier event on the 13th of May in Paris (Mardi gras)

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