NEBULA - e-juniors

NEBULA – “New European Bauhaus in Urban and ruraL Areas”

 April 2023 – April 2025 (24 months)

Coordinator: E-Juniors (France)


–          E-Juniors (France)

–          E-Medine (Italy)

–          FRAME (Poland)

–          PRISM IMPRESA SOCIALE S.R.L (Italy)

–          GEYC  (Romania)


NEBULA aims to follow and encourage the New European Bauhaus (NEB) ideas promoted by the European Commission, focusing on a new model of enterprise and territorial regeneration based on sustainability, accessibility, aesthetics and inclusion. It aims to inspire young citizens to see rural and urban areas in a new light, revitalizing them and using them to create socio-economic value.

To achieve this, the following objectives have been identified for NEBULA:

–          Create a network with local players such as cultural associations, NGOs, municipalities, SMEs, and encourage young people to participate more in public life and sustainable entrepreneurship, and offer employment opportunities for young people. 

–          Make young people aware of EU values, principles and context.

–          Fight climate change through the principle of sustainability, in line with the “New European Bauhaus”, and by promoting initiatives with a local impact in the fight against climate change, seeing them also as profitable economic ventures.

–          Enable young citizens to actively participate in the requalification of local urban/rural areas through their ideas, taking into account the concepts of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion, creating more employment opportunities and sustainable economic growth.

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